La Vaqueria





La Vaquería means Dairy farm and at this charming restaurant they have kept the country decoration with cow sculptures, red sofas and candle lights as part of the atmosphere. On the menu you will find international and simple courses. Starters such as fried eggs, jamon iberico or foie and sirloin steak, steak tartar and hamburgers. Though it is mainly a meat restaurant, they also serve fish on the menu. Why not finish your dinner with the irish coffee of La Vaquería.

Address:C. Déu i Mata 141 08029

Area: Eixample

Phone:93 4190735

Opening times:MON-FRI 1.30PM-4PM 9PM-12.30AM SAT 9PM-12.30AM

Cuisine: Grill

Type: Restaurant

Facilities: Very comfortable